Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas at BeBe's

Well, Christmas has come and gone and it was a wonderful holiday. Isabella and Micah had so much fun with Santa this year. Now that the holidays are over we will be leaving for Illinois. Michael found us a great house and he's been feverishly working to get it ready for us when we get up there. While there is sadness about leaving there is also anticipation for what the new year and this new chapter in our lives has to bring. Michael is very excited about his new job and the future that he has with his new company and I am very excited that he is going to get to be a "hockey dad". Micah has decided he wants to learn how to play ice hockey and he wants to learn to snowboard. Isabella wants to start ice skating and learn how to play the piano. Aria will be 1 year old in January and has started walking and talking. And my goal for the next year is to learn how to play the violin (big asperation I know, especially at my age). It will be an exciting year.

My Little Blessings