Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We Did It!!! AGAIN!

We are finally moved in to our new place and we do love it. It is definately a place we can stay for a while. It wasn't too bad with the exception that all the children got some weird virus while we were moving that made them run real high fevers along with nausea and bad headaches. So, it was really hard to pass them off to my mom who had to watch them to keep them out of the way. All they really wanted was Mommy. But we did make it through.

Isabella started soccer last week. She is having fun and is so cute. She insisted on having a pink cheerleader skirt with a matching pink shirt that has a rhinstone butterfly on it to play in. She also has a black cheerleader skirt with a matching black shirt. They both coordinate with her pink shinguards. It's very cute. I have pictures but they are still on my mom's computer.

Micah and Aria love soccer too. Micah has several buddies that he plays with on a side field since he's not old enough yet to be on a team. He doesn't care though, he just made up his own team. And he tries to play just like Beckham. It's adorable. Aria takes her little soccer ball and kicks it around too.
Micah and his "team". Not a great picture of Bella but you get the idea.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Blueberry Picking at Treeberry Farm

Well, one of the benefits of living in "the middle of nowhere", as Micah calls it, is that there seems to be endless opportunities to visit farmland where we can harvest our own produce. Within 30 minutes of us we have apple orchards and strawberry, rasberry, blackberry, and blueberry farms. We have pumpkin farms and Christmas tree farms within 10 minutes of us, and miles and miles of corn. The kids love it!

On Saturday we went to Treeberry farm and picked 16 pounds of blueberries. Unfortunately it was the busiest day they have ever had. We so started off waiting in line (picture to the right) for 45 minutes just to get on a flatbed trailer that took us to the bushes. Then we picked for about 45 mintues. The kids had a blast, especially Aria who sat on the ground and ate blueberries out of the bucket. I wish I could have gotten a picture because her whole face was blue, but I forgot to charge the battery on my camera. Then we waited again for the flatbed trailer again for about 30 mintues. We got back to the farmhouse and waited in line again to pay for the blueberries. We were also able to get fresh honey, which I love in my tea. They also have Christmas trees, which are beautiful already. So we will probably go back and cut down our own tree after we get back from Thanksgiving in Florida. It was fun, even though I did feel like I was at Six Flags. I guess it's not so bad living in a small town.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Our NEW home!!!!

Ok, so it's been a few days and quite a bit has happened so bare with me if this is lengthy.

As many of you know, I sent Michael up here in November of last year to find us a house to live in since I didn't want to travel with all the children. He found us the best house that was for rent at the time for what we wanted to pay. It has been a solid roof over our heads and roomy enough for me to take in a couple of extra kids a week, but not in the best location and it is dated. So, for the past several months I have kept a close eye on houses in the area in the locations that we really like. Well, through a very cool set of circumstances that could only be God we found a house that we really love and it's in a great location. Michael can walk one block and be at work and yet the neighborhood is quiet and very well kept. And not only can we rent for the next couple of years until all our debt is paid off, but we can also buy it from him when were ready (if we wind up staying here...only God knows that) and he will give us some of our rent back as a "gift of equity", which is awesome. The main floor of the house has been totally renuvated and updated and the basement is finished. He is going to split the cost with us for any updating we want to do in the basement, and if we decide to put a fence up and lay a slab in the back yard he'll help with that too. We are so pleased and excited. We move in at the end of the month. I will email all of you with our new address and hopefully our phone number will stay the same. Here are some pictures.
The front of the houseAnother view of the houseThe living room from the front doorThe kitchen

Friday, July 06, 2007

Painting Is Fun!!!

Today in an attempt to keep everyone happy, and because Isabella has been asking for days if she can paint, I decided to venture on the wild side. At first, my stress level was high because everyone wanted their own colors and who would have which paint brush erupted into an arguement, I almost hung it up. But, I was so glad that I didn't because they had a blast. Even Aria was in on it and after it was all over she had painted her face, her hands, her feet, her legs, and her dress. Thank God for bathtubs and washable paint. Sometimes I need to just let my hair down...today was one of those days.

We sure can learn alot from our children if we let them teach us every now and then. They teach me everyday how to just "be." And somedays I really need that.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to throw caution to the wind like a child at least once in a while.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

We're still here

I haven't blogged in few days so I thought I should at least write something to let everyone know that I haven't forgotten.

Nothing big is going on in our lives right now. We are in the prayer/decision phase about something right now and that is consuming all of my time. I promise I will share more later, but for now please just pray for us. It is nothing bad and we are not moving again, but the decision we are trying to make would make a big difference in our family. Please just pray for us to have wisdom and peace with the decision. And like I said, I PROMISE, I will share with all of you what this is all about once the decision is made.

In the meantime, do you feel teased? Sorry. Just needed something to write and this was about it. Maybe I should have just done a Wordless THURSDAY instead. BIG SMILE!!!!

My Little Blessings