Friday, July 06, 2007

Painting Is Fun!!!

Today in an attempt to keep everyone happy, and because Isabella has been asking for days if she can paint, I decided to venture on the wild side. At first, my stress level was high because everyone wanted their own colors and who would have which paint brush erupted into an arguement, I almost hung it up. But, I was so glad that I didn't because they had a blast. Even Aria was in on it and after it was all over she had painted her face, her hands, her feet, her legs, and her dress. Thank God for bathtubs and washable paint. Sometimes I need to just let my hair was one of those days.

We sure can learn alot from our children if we let them teach us every now and then. They teach me everyday how to just "be." And somedays I really need that.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to throw caution to the wind like a child at least once in a while.


Kim and JD said...

Yes mam, you are brave !!!! I am glad that you let you hair down, didnt it feel good?
Love ya and miss ya

Andi and Michael said...

Love the pics of the kids. Carson enjoyed seeing Isabella painting. He really misses her. Miss you, girl!

My Little Blessings