Thursday, July 05, 2007

We're still here

I haven't blogged in few days so I thought I should at least write something to let everyone know that I haven't forgotten.

Nothing big is going on in our lives right now. We are in the prayer/decision phase about something right now and that is consuming all of my time. I promise I will share more later, but for now please just pray for us. It is nothing bad and we are not moving again, but the decision we are trying to make would make a big difference in our family. Please just pray for us to have wisdom and peace with the decision. And like I said, I PROMISE, I will share with all of you what this is all about once the decision is made.

In the meantime, do you feel teased? Sorry. Just needed something to write and this was about it. Maybe I should have just done a Wordless THURSDAY instead. BIG SMILE!!!!


Matt & Rachel said...

you're too cute....we'll be praying for you guys! You're right you could always just post some pics to feed our blogger appetites! Hugs...R

Aron & Suz said...

you are a tease, but thanks for letting us know. we'll be in prayer for you guys.

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