Saturday, February 24, 2007

Well, as another sleet-snow settles in over the northern Illinois area I am realizing even more how much I miss Texas. I talked to one of my girlfriends from Texas this past week and she was just giddy about the weather there- between upper 60's and upper 70's. Sounds so good about right now. It's been so hard on the kids because they were unable to get outside alot last summer because of the heat in Texas and then we move here and they are stranded inside now. I am SO looking forward to spring and summer. We went to Target today and looked at sprinklers and dreamt about how great it will be when we can get one and play in it. Aria did get out in the snow several times though and absolutely loved it. She would pitch a fit every time we had to go inside and whenever we go out to go somewhere she is trying to dive out of my arms to get down in the snow.

Aria is getting to be such a cutey pie. She started giving "closed-mouth" kisses this week instead of the big open mouth slobbery ones she been giving. And she kisses everything, all of her toys, her reflection, her brother and sister, she loves to kiss. She comes by it honestly. She laughs all the time at everything, especially Micah and Isabella. She thinks they are hilarious. And one of her very favorite thing to do that makes me crazy is playing on the stairs. She can spend hours just going up and down........... and up and down....... and up and down. She really is so much fun, and while I would love to have more just like her Michael says that we are DONE!!!! Oh well...

I am so excited that in less than two weeks I am going back to Texas to see my mom and have some time with my girlfriends. I can't wait! I will be totally childless, so sleeping in late for a couple of days will actually be possible. The only problem is it sounds like I am going to have to track down my warm weather clothes and I have no idea where they are, not to mention I have pale winter skin. But, it will be so much fun!!! I will share pictures and stories after I get back.

My Little Blessings