Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Getting settled

Hello everyone!!! We are finally moved in and unpacked. It's been a hard transition but it's getting much better. We just celebrated Aria's 1st birthday and she is getting so big. We are having so much fun with her. Watching her with Isabella and Micah is great, she thinks they are so funny. No one can make her laugh like they can. Isabella likes her new school, but says on a regular basis that she wants her old friends back. She really misses them alot. All I can say is "I know baby. I miss my friends, too." We have shed many a tear together since moving here. It has bonded us closer.
We have visited several churches and all fall so short from what we are used to. I equate it to living in the house of your dreams and that house burns down and you are forced to find another home. You can look at other homes and they may similar things that your old house had but it doesn't have a bay window like the old one or the bedrooms are too close to the kitchen unlike the old one. So you don't like it because all you really want is the home that you loved that burned to the ground. That is how it was this past Sunday. We visited a church about 30 minutes north of us and it had many similarities of our previous church. The pastor was good, but not Jeff. The music was good, but not JD. The people were nice but not family (although I know that I can't expect that to happen immediately---that will take time!). Positive things are that I did get alot out of the sermon and God has used it for the past couple of days to really minister to me, which is something we haven't gotten at any other church that we have visited. And the fun thing is that the people in the church are very energetic and vocal during the music and the sermon. The music was lead by black and white people and it was very soulful, but definately different than what I am used to. I have just decided that I am going to focus on God from here on out and let him lead us in where to go to church. This may wind up being our church home but that will be up to God and what he wants for us.
Please continue to pray for us as we continue to make this transition. The prayers that you have prayed so far have definatley been felt. I will download pictures soon.

My Little Blessings