Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We Did It!!! AGAIN!

We are finally moved in to our new place and we do love it. It is definately a place we can stay for a while. It wasn't too bad with the exception that all the children got some weird virus while we were moving that made them run real high fevers along with nausea and bad headaches. So, it was really hard to pass them off to my mom who had to watch them to keep them out of the way. All they really wanted was Mommy. But we did make it through.

Isabella started soccer last week. She is having fun and is so cute. She insisted on having a pink cheerleader skirt with a matching pink shirt that has a rhinstone butterfly on it to play in. She also has a black cheerleader skirt with a matching black shirt. They both coordinate with her pink shinguards. It's very cute. I have pictures but they are still on my mom's computer.

Micah and Aria love soccer too. Micah has several buddies that he plays with on a side field since he's not old enough yet to be on a team. He doesn't care though, he just made up his own team. And he tries to play just like Beckham. It's adorable. Aria takes her little soccer ball and kicks it around too.
Micah and his "team". Not a great picture of Bella but you get the idea.

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