Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Know I'm Crazy

Well, as some of you know, I am keeping a couple of kids a few days a week for a friend while she works. The little boy is two weeks older than Isabella and the little girl is a couple of months younger than Micah. So, it's like having two sets of twins and Aria, who is 17 months. Well, I thought a would share what happened today in the life of my enlarged family. The kids got here around 9am and immediately started playing and fighting. I thought keeping the peace with two kids was hard, well, five is nearly impossible. Someone is always either hurt physically or emotionally, or they are fighting over whose idea is better. Anyway, I put Aria down for her morning nap and sent the kids downstairs to play. After Aria woke up I piled all the kids in the van to venture out and run to the store (we were out of diapers and wipes otherwise I wouldn't have done this). On the way there the kids fought over who would sit where in the car, on the way back the kids fought over who was touching who or who was looking at who. Those of you with siblings or multiple children know the drill. Anyway, we get home and I send the two oldest to timeout for fighting. I had the great idea that I would fill up the pool and let the kids swim for a little while. So, we all go outside. I get my swimsuit on, I get my sunglasses, my drink, my book, towels for everyone, and I head to my chair to relax while the kids play in the pool. I haven't sat down for 5 minutes and everyone is hungry and wants a snack. So, I get out of my comfy chair and get ice cream sandwiches for everyone. When they are done, everyone gets back in pool and I sit down in my chair to resume my reading and relaxing. What was I thinking? All of sudden the little girl that I keep starts screaming and saying she got scratched. Well, it wasn't a scratch, she was stung by a bee. So, I calmly get everyone out of the pool and take her inside. I am tending to her when all the dripping wet children come in the kitchen to see what's happening. As soon as she is doctored up and everyone is wrapped in towels I take her to the living room to changed her clothes and I hear Aria hit the ground and start screaming. I go running in there and she is lying face down on the ground. I had wrapped a towel around her, arms and all. When she was leaving the kitchen she slipped on a wet spot and did not have her hands to catch her fall smacking her face on the floor. It took about 45 minutes for everyone to recover. Needless to say, after that I put Aria down for another nap and let the kids play a game. Now all is well. So, am I crazy? I KNOW am I!!!! Enjoy laughing at my crazy life!!!!! I DO!


michellegoodner said...

OK that was hysterical. I think I did that to your husband when we were children, however, i am sure I was well aware of what I was doing. I wish I could have been there to witness your crazy day! It makes me feel a little better about having to deal with just one monster with attitude!! i love you!!!


Matt & Rachel said...

I think you've lost your mind, I can't imagine after these first days with D having more than one. I know it gets better, at least I thought it did...hee hee. I guess life with kids is just one big "oh crap" kind of day, even if they haven't done anything I feel like I'll be forgetting something for the rest of my life :o)

Thanks for sharing your life with us it is so hysterical, what a day, how did you end that day? I would had to hand all three off to Matt and retired to the porch for a glass of wine :o) Oh, it's makes me scared and excited about all the years ahead of us!

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