Friday, October 17, 2008

Wrong Diagnosis

This afternoon I took Micah to the doctor to have him checked out. He was still not feeling well, nauseous (even though he had not thrown up since last night), cramping tummy pains, fever of about 100 degrees, flushed checks, and inability to eat even though he is hungry. I made the appointment this morning but really was hesitant because there is nothing the doc can do for a stomach flu. Micah kept insisting to go to the doctor even though I told him that wasn't sure the doctor was going to be able to do anything to make him feel better. So, I complied, mostly to make him feel better emotionally. Well, God must have been talking to my little boy because when we got to the doctor we learned that he does not have the stomach flu. I had all but apologized to the doctor for bringing him in for a stomach bug when she told me that it was good that I did because he has strep throat. She showed my his throat and sure enough it is red, with white pus pockets, and his tonsils are so swollen that they are almost touching. I felt so bad and so grateful. I am really glad that he didn't have to wait another day and then spend 4 hours in the ER because it is the weekend. I guess his prayer was answered for God to heal him (see previous post) even if it was through the use of a throat culture test. I guess Mom doesn't ALWAYS know best.

Just remember this story the next time you think your kiddo has what LOOKS like the stomach flu. It could very well be strep throat in disguise.


The Craftypigs said...

We are always telling our kids to listen to us and do as we ask, stop arguing, stop being so dramatic, etc. Oh that we listen to our children too and not just hear them.

Kim and JD said...

Strep is very sneaky..... it can also cause a rash. Well at least your motherly instinct kicked in and you took him when you did.

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