Thursday, March 26, 2009

How about a knuckle sandwich?

This morning as the kids were eating breakfast I was discussing what they wanted for snack. Isabella was being her normal "picky" self declining everything I offered her for snack. Finally she decided on strawberries. I asked if she wanted anything to go with them, since strawberries burn off pretty fast. She was thinking...

On the other side of the table was Micah, eating quietly, having not said anything since waking up. And while she was thinking and everything was silent he just as straight-faced as he could be he said,

"How about strawberries and a knuckle sandwich? That should hold you off until lunch."

Needless to say, the tension was broken and I spent the next few minutes laughing, as did everyone else.

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The Craftypigs said...

I remember those.... or at least being offered them.

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