Monday, June 14, 2010

What A Day

So, yesterday was by far the worst day that we have had with Victoria since she was born.  We went to church and she was just fine until the music was over.  It amazes me that she can sleep with the band playing and people singing and clapping, and then as soon as the sanctuary gets quiet (or somewhat quiet) and the pastor starts to preach she wakes up and starts fussing.  So, I had to leave the sanctuary several times because she would get quiet and then as soon as I would go back in she would wake up again.

After church we went home and she had a hard time napping all day.  We were going to go over to my in-laws house and let the kids swim after church.  She was so fussy that I sent Michael and the kids and I stayed at home with the baby.  I must be honest, initially this was nice, sending Michael and the kids out of the house to do something while I stayed in a quiet home with the baby, but for some reason yesterday it just made me sad.  I wanted so much to be with them swimming and getting sun.

Then last night she started crying at 6:30 and didn't stop until almost 9:00.  And it wasn't just fussing or crying for a little bit and then stopping, it was hard, intense, have to take her clothes off because she is profusely sweating kind of crying.  It is such a helpless and frustrating feeling to have a child who is crying and they can't tell you what is wrong and you can't do anything to help them.  I just held her and spoke to her and let her cry.  The crazy thing was that at around 9:00 it was as though someone flipped a switch and she was asleep.

The other thing that is so frustrating about the whole situationis that I miss the rest of my family.  When the baby gets like that I have to quarentine myself off in my bedroom.  I miss the kids and they miss me.  They have all said in one way or another that they miss me.  Bella has written it in a "Dear Dumb Diary" note, Micah has been real fussy and short-tempered, and Aria has flat out said "no one loves me, everyone loves the baby".  It is hard to watch my sister and my husband taking the kids swimming and having fun with them and I can't do that.

Ok, so I thank whoever said the phrase "The days are long but the years are short".  Man do I cling to that saying on days like yesterday.

And today, I must say, was a MUCH better day.  Thank you God!

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