Sunday, January 01, 2012

Homeschooling and

Two days from now our family will embark on a fabulous and terrifying journey into a whole new world.  The world is called "Homeschooling".  For all of reasons for homeschooling you can refer to my earlier post, that was the WHY?, this is the HOW?  I have read up on many, actually too many, curriculums for homeschooling.  There are WAY too many options out there, like deodorants and scrapbooking materials, the options are endless and daunting.  After years of research I finally settled on a curriculum, My Father's World.  I bought the curriculum and then something happened.  I began to think that maybe we needed to take a hiatus from "traditional" learning and try something a little more laid back and child directed.  A fellow homeschooling friend who has three boys turned me onto  It is a computer based curriculum that is based on grade and/or level.  The children log into their own personal account and then follow the path through different topics.  After all the assignments on a particular lesson are completed, they are then tested on everything they have learned.  The website keeps track of all their assignments and grades which I can print out at report card time and turn into my cover school.  It will be used mainly for math assignments and also used as a supplement for Language Arts, History, and Science.  I haven't changed my mind about My Father's World, I plan to begin that in the fall when the new school year begins.  But, for now, I think this will be the easiest for all of us.  The transition from public school to homeschooling is a BIG one for everyone, so if we can do things that are fun and uncomplicated that will be best for all of us.  Also, another plus to using computer based learning is that it is VERY portable.  If we decide to go out of town, we just take the computer and some library books rather than a whole suitcase full of curriculum.  And they can move as fast or slow as they want/need to.  We are very excited about this and look forward to letting you know how the next 6 months go.


Linda said...

Welcome to the exciting journey of homeschooling. I just wanted to encourage you and tell you that when I pulled my daughter out of public school mid-first grade year, we started with Time4Learning. 5 years later (this month) we are still using Time4Learning as our core. I thought it would be temporary until I found something else, but in the big scheme of things I got addicted to the lessons being written for me, and the easy record keeping. The fact that my daughter could self-pace was and is a great plus. As you mentioned, the portability has made travelling much easier! I hope you enjoy using the T4L curriculum as much as we do! Happy Homeschooling!
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Jennifer and Michael said...

Thank you, Linda for your endorsement for Time4Learning. I hope it works for us too.

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