Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Storing Up Treasures in Heaven

     For a long time I struggled with my significance as a stay-at-home mom.  When I left the corporate world almost 11 years ago to stay home with my first born I had no doubt that it was what I wanted to do.  Being a wife and a mother was what I had wanted from a very young age. But, in a culture that places so much emphasis on career and money, my decision to stay home wasn't always well received during the transition from that world to this one.  People didn't understand why I would want to give up my life or the money (not that either were that glamorous in the first place).  And after coming home I felt very insignificant most days because I didn't feel I was leaving my "mark" on the world.  But Michael and I knew that it was what God wanted for our family and whatever sacrifices we had to make for me to stay home were worth it.
     Fast forward to today.  Almost 11 years and 4 children later, I have had many instances that make me so glad that I have chosen this life.  The other day the kids were talking about jobs and money, and they said to me, "Momma, you don't work."
     I replied to them, "Oh yes I do.  I work very hard, everyday, taking care of your daddy and all of you and this house."
     "But, you don't make any money, "  Bella said.  At which point the other children responded in agreement.
     So my response was, "You're right, I don't make any money.  But, I have decided to store up my treasures in Heaven.  The bible says that we should not store up our treasures here on earth where moths and rust can destroy or where thieves can break in and steal, but to store up our treasures in heaven.  So that is what Mommy is doing."
     After that there wasn't another response until yesterday morning.  I had taken two of the children to the doctor and was waiting at Wal-greens for their prescriptions to be ready.  Micah had made his way to the toy aisle where he had found his favorite thing that he plays with, Pokemon cards (and btw, if you can explain the fascination of trading cards to me I would love to hear it).  He asked me if he could by them.  After a lengthy conversation that involved questions like, "don't you have enough?" and "is that REALLY what you want to spend your money on?"  I conceded to allow him to spend his money on them.  We got the cards, the medicine, and we were on our way.
      Then it happened, one of those moments that I store in my mental Rolodex as a small win in this life of mine.  As we are driving back to the house Micah says to me, "Mom, I really need to pray about something tonight."
     I say, "what about, buddy?"
     Then he says, "well, I really need for God to help me learn how to store my treasures up in Heaven.  I mean, I really like Pokemon cards but I need to be storing up my treasures in Heaven."
     My heart swelled up so big and I felt so thankful.  I agreed with him that we would pray about that together.  Of course, then he followed up with, "Does that mean that when I die I get to take my Pokemon cards with me?"  That's my boy!  He was sort of serious and sort of joking, like he does so often.
     I just said to him, "No, buddy, the Pokemon cards will not go with you.  But, when you get to Heaven you will never look back and think, 'man I sure wish I had those Pokemon cards'.  The treasures in Heaven will be SO much better than our favorite things here on earth that we will never look back and wish we could go back and get our stuff."  At that, he was satisfied...for now.
     It was such a wonderful reminder of several things.  One, they ARE listening, even when I feel like I am talking to a brick wall.  Two, I AM making a mark on the world.  Four marks to be exact.  And three, this earth is not our home.  Christ has prepared a place for us where our treasures will be far beyond what we can even fathom while here one earth, where moths and rust can not destroy and thieves can not break in and steal.  Praise God!  Amen.

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