Monday, October 08, 2012

Trust God? Really?

Trusting God.  Why is it so hard to trust Him?  Can I just be honest here?  Could it be that we do not trust God because we do not REALLY know Him?  Trust is built through spending time with one another, watching how that person reacts to your faults and failures and them doing the same with you.  

When I first got married 13 years ago I trusted my husband enough to say “I do” but as we began to live together it became more and more apparent how much i really didn’t trust him.  It was not because he had ever done anything to make me not trust him, he hadn’t had enough time to do that, it was just that I didn’t really know him well enough to know if I could trust him.  I based a lot of my ability to trust him on my past ability to trust others and while that was completely unfair to him, it was completely natural.  

Now, fast forward 13 years...I trust my husband more than I have ever trusted anyone on earth.  But, why is that?  It is because I have spent so much time getting to know him.  And through all of the ups and downs he has shown me that he can be trusted.  He isn’t perfect, but when he messes up he has always had the humility to come to me apologize and then genuinely strive to do better.  

I don’t really believe trusting God is much different.  If we spend time with Him in His Word and in prayer, we can get to know Him, and as we get to know Him more, we trust Him more.  There are depths and facets of God that I will never know this side of Heaven.  There are things about Him that my mind can not even begin to comprehend.  But, He has revealed SO much about Himself in His creation and in His Word that we can most certainly know Him well enough to trust Him.  

So, I go back to my original thought.  Could it be that we do not trust Him because we really do not know Him?  What is the area that you struggle with trusting God?  Your job?  Your health?  Your children?  Your marriage?  Your finances? Or maybe it is even that you do not trust that there is even really a God in the first place.  Or if there is a God, do you lack trust is knowing that He truly cares about you?  I would encourage you, whatever the area you lack trust in God, pursue Him in that area.  He has promised in His Word, “Seek me and you will find me, when you seek me with all of your heart.”  Jeremiah 29:13.  

I don’t write this because I have somehow reached this level of perfect trust in God.  I struggle with trusting Him all of the time.  I just want you to know that if you struggle too, you are not alone.  But what I am learning is this:  the more I know Him, the more I will trust Him.

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