Monday, July 16, 2007

Blueberry Picking at Treeberry Farm

Well, one of the benefits of living in "the middle of nowhere", as Micah calls it, is that there seems to be endless opportunities to visit farmland where we can harvest our own produce. Within 30 minutes of us we have apple orchards and strawberry, rasberry, blackberry, and blueberry farms. We have pumpkin farms and Christmas tree farms within 10 minutes of us, and miles and miles of corn. The kids love it!

On Saturday we went to Treeberry farm and picked 16 pounds of blueberries. Unfortunately it was the busiest day they have ever had. We so started off waiting in line (picture to the right) for 45 minutes just to get on a flatbed trailer that took us to the bushes. Then we picked for about 45 mintues. The kids had a blast, especially Aria who sat on the ground and ate blueberries out of the bucket. I wish I could have gotten a picture because her whole face was blue, but I forgot to charge the battery on my camera. Then we waited again for the flatbed trailer again for about 30 mintues. We got back to the farmhouse and waited in line again to pay for the blueberries. We were also able to get fresh honey, which I love in my tea. They also have Christmas trees, which are beautiful already. So we will probably go back and cut down our own tree after we get back from Thanksgiving in Florida. It was fun, even though I did feel like I was at Six Flags. I guess it's not so bad living in a small town.


Kim and JD said...

Tyler said " Thats Aria?, she can even walk now, man she's getting big....... She can even wear jewelry"
Kids are so funny, I am glad that you all had fun ! We miss you teeribly. :(

Matt & Rachel said...

I was about to say the same thing Tyler said, that's Aria? She's so big....blueberry picking so fun! BTW I'd love for you to come visit us in NY anytime girl The Maples B & L (yes that's lunch because even with the little one I'm still not worth much until lunch time) is open 365 days a year!

McTigerlily said...

Oh wow. So much fun. You are so creative. I'm especially smiling because of your last comment..."I guess it's not so bad living in a small town." Now there's the spirit! I do miss you, of course. I'll see you in little over a week. YIPPEEEEE

Andi and Michael said...

Hey girl. I haven't talked with you all week. Miss you and hope the moving is going well. Hugs.

Mama D said...

Hey Jen...Love the pics of the blueberry farm. How fun is that? Hope the move is going well and look forward hearing from you again soon. Miss you here.

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