Tuesday, August 21, 2007

1500 Miles and Still Smiling

Last weekend Micah and I took a trip together. We left last Thursday with my mother to go to Birmingham for my sisters' baby shower. It is about a 10 hour trip but with Micah it took about 11 1/2 to get there. After about an hour on the road Micah decided that he didn't want to go to Birmingham with us and he let us know off and on throughout the whole trip. He was great about it for the most part though and he never did have a total breakdown. Once we got there he was fine. On Friday, my sister, Amy, and I took him swimming at the YMCA for a little while. Then in a stroke of "genius" I decided to go to Target and buy Micah a new skateboard(his other one is too small) and another Razor scooter(Isabella needed a new one anyway). I figured if I had those for the trip home it would make our time better since we could stop every couple of hours and he could "decompress" by riding on something.

That afternoon we went to my dad's house for dinner and then to watch my niece, Taylor, cheer in her first football game. It was so great to see everyone. At my dad's house, we got out the scooter and the skateboard. I think my Dad and Augusta were amazed at how well Micah could do both. Then my Dad gave them a try, at 60-something, we were all afraid and amazed. It was alot of fun.

Then at the football game Micah played in the dirt the whole time with his cousin, Gloria Grace-aka "GG" and I got to spend time with my sister-in-law, Michelle, while we watched Taylor cheer. My only regret is that I wouldn't get to spend more time with Taylor since she was going to her dad's after the game. But, you know how 14 year olds are-BUSY!!!

On Saturday was the shower for Amy. It was so great to see how much support she was getting. It's hard as her sister not to be there for her for the birth of her first child. I am so thankful that God has surrounded her with so much family and so many friends. And BOY, I mean GIRL, did she rack up.

So on Sunday I drove home with Micah by myself, since Mom was flying out of Birmingham to teach her next class. I was so right. The scooter and skateboard were a life saver and we made it back without one single meltdown. Praise God!!!!!

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Matt & Rachel said...

okay, hello gorgeous. I barely recognized you. Love the blonde hair! Glad you both made it through the trip smiling! R

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