Friday, August 31, 2007

Thank you Grandpa

A couple of weeks ago when Micah and I were in Birmingham my dad gave Micah and Isabella a bike. Micah was so excited that everytime we stopped at someone's house and every stop we made on the way home he would ask if we could take it out and ride it. He couldn't wait and it was killing him that he had to. Well, we got home and about a week later Isabella and Michael were outside and all of a sudden I see her ride past the front of the house with Michael running next to her. I ran outside to see what was going on and she was riding without Michael holding onto her at all. I was shocked. I got my video camera and took Micah outside to cheer her on. I was even more shocked when Michael said that it was Isabella's first try. After she rode for a minute Micah wanted to try. So Michael put him on (his feet don't touch the ground) and gave him a little push and he too was off. No training wheels, no assistance, nothing. I was floored, and scared to death. Since then they have been riding like crazy. The hard part is that they have to share, but they are getting so good. Isabella is even standing up now for brief periods of time. She's learned how to coast, and turn, and stop, AND jump off instead of fall. Micah is a little more timid right now because, like I said, his feet won't touch. But, when we get hime a bike that he can feel more secure on I know he will be off. We have ushered into a new era of our lives...they grow up way too fast.


Kim and JD said...

That is great, I am so proud of both of them We are still trying to convine Tyler to try the no trining wheels. Please tell them we said HI and that we all, especially Tyler, miss them very much !!

Aron & Suz said...

wow, that's amazing! i can totally picture them trying and succeding right away. i love that they are sharing it, too, even though i'm sure it's hard at times. :)

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