Saturday, August 04, 2007

Taking Time To Smell The Roses

Do you ever feel that you are so busy that you wake up one morning and realize that you have neglected to talk to your best friend in a few days? That is what happened to me this morning. I have been so busy with moving, my children, my friends children, and daily life that I realized that I have spoken very little to my best friend, Jesus. I think that is why, so often, we find ourselves with "trials" in our lives, it forces us to spend time with God. His Word says that He is a "jealous God." He wants us to spend time with Him. All I have to do is imagine how I would feel if Michael woke up every morning for a week and "forgot" to say good-bye to me before work, or when he got home he didn't talk to me about his day or ask me about mine, or at bedtime he didn't kiss me and tell me that he loves me before falling asleep. I would be so hurt and angry. And yet for the past week or so that is what I have done to my Lord. I know that I serve a forgiving and understanding God, but I never want to take that for granted. He is also an amazing God who even in all my "busy-ness" still wants for me to take a few minutes and "hang out" with Him. How often do we do this? I know for me it is too often.

Did the life I live today please you God? Have I loved well? That is my prayer for today?

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