Sunday, October 07, 2007

Smith family update

The Smith family is doing well. We have been really busy with school and sports. Isabella and Micah are loving school and are learning alot. It's very fun for me, too, to watch them make friends and go on field trips and enjoy their teachers. Micah started gymnastics a few weeks ago and Bella starts this week. She finished up soccer and decided she had fun but doesn't want to play soccer anymore. It could be because she got hit in the face two different times with the ball. The second time it happened we were on our way to the game and she said, "I sure hope I don't get hit in the face again with the ball." I almost said, "Oh the chances of that happening again are slim", but I didn't. Boy am I glad that I didn't because that game she got smacked right in the nose and got a nose bleed. I felt so bad for her. I was so glad she attempted but she defiantely does not want to play again.

Micah loves gymnastics and it suits him well. He loves all the climbing and swinging and balancing and flipping. I don't know how long he will want to do it but right now he's loving it. He's also starting doing tricks on his Razor scooter (for those of you who don't remember he knocked out his front tooth about 7 months ago on the scooter). Now, he is jumping the scooter and popping wheeleys on it, and trying to jump off the curbs. We call him our little X-gamer.

Aria is getting so big. She will be 2 in January and she is already wearing 3T clothes. She is very tall and chunky, and adorable. She defiantely keeps me on my toes. She is into EVERYTHING and I cannot turn my back on her for a minute. Her favorite phrase right now is "Mommy, I spilled." Everything from cherrios to coffee creamer, she's into it. And if she quiet for more than a minute then she's probably in her room painting her body and face with Desitin or covering the bathroom floor with baby powder. I have had to start disciplining her because she thinks it's fun and Mommy does not, even though I do have some great pictures. She has also figured out how to open the glass front door and makes her way outside without us knowing. The good thing is the door is loud but we have started locking it too. Michael and I were saying just yesterday how we never could understand how a 2 year old could be found "wondering the streets" until now. She is very curious, to say the least.

Michael is still enjoying his job. It is very challenging, but he is home and that is good. We have realized (mainly the me in the "we") that we are tired of moving and greatly desire to be near our family and desperately want our children to grow up close to their cousins. So, our goal in the next few years is to finish what God has for us here and make our way back to Alabama. This is a HUGE heart change for me since I have never wanted to move back to the place where I grew up. Alabama has held so many difficult memories for me, from my parents divorce to the many bad choices I made in high school and college. But, God has shown me int he past month that He has chosen to forget about all of that and therefore I should too. Besides, if I run into people who knew me then and they can see me for who I am now, then they can see how the power of Christ can transform a life. So, in God's timing, hopefully we will find our way back to Birmingham. (Goodner family, McLeod family, Smith family, Vos family-PRAY Godspeed!!)

I am doing well too. I have been getting to know a few women through a Bible study I have been doing and the kids school. I also sing again next Sunday for the first time since moving here. It will be no Firewheel but oh well : ) Everything is good!!

I will post some more pictures soon.

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Aron & Suz said...

jen, thanks for the newsy update. i love picturing all your kids in action, esp. aria. her phrase is so cute and i can only imagine that she is keeping you busy. maggie is just starting to get into things and it's a transition for me. i hear you about wanting to be settled and near to family. like my blog post said, i am actually glad to be back in texas. all my family is in OK, so we are close. i'm hoping my folks move to the metroplex sometime in the next few years. and then, my sister and her hubby. not sure if they'll come back, but hey, i can hope. i'm torn, though, with desiring to be here and back in CA, near Aron's family. CA is home for me, too. we shall see! nevertheless, this post is about *you* and I'm glad that you guys have a goal to be back in the South soon. we will pray that way.

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