Sunday, September 07, 2008

My Prayer

Today was youth Sunday at our church. I just love youth Sunday. I love to see our Christian leaders of tomorrow taking an active role in leading their elders. It's been a while since I have been in a service lead by the youth. But, Michael and I agreed that today's service was different. As we watched and listened to these young men and women, ranging in age from 6th to 12th grade, we were overwhelmed. As we watched the one playing the guitar, singing his heart out (with no microphone near him), and jumping up and down in praise, I could see Micah someday, and could only pray that someday he will have that much passion for is Lord and Savior. As I watched the kids singing in the choir and seeing a couple of girls just smiling and worshipping and having fun doing it, I could see my girls and all I could do was pray for them to become women of integrity, honor, passion, and conviction. I had a hard time watching them without welling up with tears. It is only a few years away. They are growing up so fast, too fast if you ask me. I want so much for my children to grow up and be passionate for Jesus. And I pray that that passion can come without too much suffering and rebellion. But, I know one thing...I want to see my children growing in their relationships with Jesus and having fun while they do it. So today, I pray for all of our children.

Lord Jesus, I want to thank you today for the children that you have entrusted in our care, for however long you have chosen to give them to us. I thank you for how you have used them to changed our lives. I pray that you will continue to work in our lives as their parents so that we can be good examples of transforming grace and passion for You. I pray for our children that you will grow them up to be men and women of integrity, honor, and conviction. May we be parents that help foster the gifts that you have placed in them, that we will resist the temptation to push them into fitting into our molds of what we want them to be, and allow them enough freedom to become what you created them to be. Protect them, Lord, from making poor choices, and when they do, because we know they will, give us the courage and wisdom to give them the appropriate consequences. Most of all, we praise you Jesus for loving our children more than we do. It seems impossible because we love them so much, but you created them, you knit them together in our wombs, you picked this time for them to be born, and you chose us to be their parents. Thank you for loving them and thank you for trusting us with them. I pray we will be the best stewards of their lives as we possibly can with your grace. In Jesus name. Amen.

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