Friday, October 03, 2008

A Great Getaway

Ok, I know most of you who read this will think that Michael and I are crazy and wonder how we have ever made it 9 years in our marriage, but this past weekend was the first time EVER that Michael and I went away for the weekend without the children. And I must say that it was a much needed vacation for us.

We left early Friday morning to fly to Seattle, Washington for a big family ceremony on the Suquamish Indian Reservation. It was the first time since we have been together that I have had the opportunity to go up there so I was looking forward to meeting all of the family members that I have heard all about but have never met. At some point, on the flight up there, we looked at each other and agreed that we both thought we would be just fine when the children leave home and we are empty nesters. We talked and laughed and flirted and had just the best time. It was one of those moments when we realized that we not only love each other, we like each other too.

Then once we got there I got to see some of the most beautiful scenery. Washington is really beautiful, at least the parts I saw. We got to ride the ferry from Downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island, which was alot of fun. It reminded me of the scenes from Grey's Anatomy last season when there was a ferry crash and I guy was pinned between two cars. I know, that's terrible. The weather was wonderful. It was very atypical for Seattle since it was sunny the whole time we were there. And the temperature was a perfect mid- to upper- 60"s. Amazing!

We got to see where my brother-in-law lives in a cute little guest house right on the water. He has the most beautiful view...the Olympic Mountains on the right and lots of sailboats. It was definitely a place I would love to have lived when I was young and single.

On Saturday we spent the day at a Suquamish Indian naming ceremony. It would have been great had I not felt horrible that day. Between being exhausted from being up for 24 hours and waiting way too long to eat breakfast my body was screamin! But once I got an hour nap in the car and some really good salmon, I felt much better. So, that night we went to one of the casino's and listened to a band and danced, danced, danced!! It was a great time!

I am so glad that we went, that my mom, sister, and her husband survived watching my kiddos for the weekend, and that we have since recovered from our 10 hour red eye flight. I do so hope we are able to go back with all of our kids next time. Here are some pictures from our trip.







Andi and Michael said...

Glad you had a great trip with your husband. Hopefully this will be the first of many trips for the two of you.

The Craftypigs said...

DO NOT WAIT another 9 years before you do it again... in fact no even another 9 months!

Kim and JD said...

So glad you got to get away and enjoy some time together! I agree with Celeste, do not wait another 9 years!! Something once a year is really good, it doesnt have to be big or fancy!

Poet4Him77 said...

Man, how I miss Seattle and the Suquamish friends and family (not that they are my family, but I consider them as such). I literally saw in my head, as you described where you'd been. Oh, how fun for you and Michael!!

I'm thinking about going on the mission trip again this summer. It'll be my first time back in two years. Wow, can't believe it's been two years - I bet the kiddos have all sprouted! Anyway, thanks for the walk down memory lane!

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