Wednesday, May 05, 2010

40 weeks 3 days

Today was a good day. I went to my doctors appointment and had an ultrasound and non-stress test. The ultrasound was fun because I got see our little girl. I would much rather be holding her but at this point any look at her was great. She was not very cooperative with the sonographer. It was funny. Everytime the sonographer would try to measure her head she would turn it funny so she couldn't get a good picture. She is a very active little girl. Oh, I also had her check again to make sure it is a girl. I have been a little worried that maybe they were wrong and it would come out a boy. If that was the case we would have NOTHING for him because EVERYTHING is pink and purple. But, it was very evident that it is definitely a girl.

After the ultrasound I did a non-stress test. I just laid on the table and listened to her heart beat. It is very strong and very fast, about 149 bpm. There was no change in the dilation but that is really normal for the 4th baby. So we are still waiting. Dr. H did mention induction but doesn't think that it will be necessary. That really is my biggest fear about being late, but I know that the main thing is getting her out safe and sound, so if it comes to that I will just have to be alright with it.

After my appointment I spent the day with my sister. We took Aria to get shaved ice (a daily craving of mine) and went to a consignment shop. It was really beautiful so sitting outside eating shaved ice was great.

Last night, after dinner, Sis and I went for a 30 minute walk. It felt so good to get out and walk. I am going to start doing that everyday until the baby gets here. Hopefuly not much longer now.

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