Tuesday, May 04, 2010

40 weeks 2 days

Just wanted to update everyone. Things here are holding steady. Yesterday I had contractions all day that got progressively closer all day long until last night around 6 they were coming 5 minutes apart. We put several people on "alert" just in case. But, after the kids went to bed they started spacing out. I decided to go to sleep because I wanted to be rested if things picked up again. I was up several times last night with strong contractions that were about 10 minutes apart but this morning I they are spaced out again. It is very frustrating but I am determined to let her come when she is ready. My original due date was the 9th, so maybe technically I am not even late yet. Who knows? I brought Isabella home on Mother's Day 9 years ago, so maybe I will have the same blessing this year. Just please pray that Michael and I will be patient during this situation. Actually we need patience with the situation, the kids, and each other, since all of us are REALLY ready to meet the new addition to our family.

So today shaped up better than it started. I was depressed this morning so I called my girlfriend, Sarah. I went over to her house for a while. We made salsa and talked and laughed. It was a great distraction for me. After that I went home, straightened the house, and then went to pick up Bella. After I got the kids we went to Sonic, bought Bella some shoes, and then made it a chiropractor appointment. She did some procedures that hopefully will induce labor, so we will see. By the time we got home it was time to cook dinner and get the kids ready for bed. Now my sister is on her way over to spend the night. All-in-all it's been a pretty good day, even though I am officially the size of a beached whale.

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Summer said...

I love you and praying :-) I can not wait to see her! When I heard Michael's ringtone on Trent's phone yesterday afternoon I got all excited lol!! His ringtone is "I Like To Move It" from Madagascar lol!! love you!

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