Sunday, May 02, 2010


Well, here it is, May 2nd, my due date and our little girl is obviously content. I mean why wouldn't she be? She is in a spa environment. She's in a hot tub, being fed, and although she can hear some noise, it is muffled. And almost daily now she is getting a foot massage. Who would want to leave that?

On the flip side though is a host of people who are anxiously awaiting her arrival. I have had everyone from family to the librarian asking me when we are going to get to meet her. Unfortunately, I do not know. You see, I am not an induction/c-section kind of girl (and have nothing against those who are). I was induced with Isabella on my due date and the experience was difficult on both of us to say the least. I had contractions that were so painful that I had to have a epidural (not a problem for some people but I personally wanted a unmedicated, natural birth experience). After the epidural, my labor slowed (which is common), and then Isabella went into distress. When she finally came out they wisked her away from me for almost an hour to suction her stomach and lungs to make sure she had not injested any meconium. I was terrified until I heard her first cry which was about 10 mintues after she was born.

So, needless to say, when we were blessed with Micah I wanted things to be different. So, I went totally natural with him. He came about 3 days early and the experience was just wonderful. Was it painful? Excruciatingly so, but it was so worth it. I felt so powerful and alive, like I had just conquered the world. I was immediately ready to do it again (I know, I have heard it a million time, I am crazy). Micah came out and I held him immediately. He didn't cry at all, until the took him away to clean him up.

After Micah, we vowed we were done. We had our girl and our boy. That was good enough for us. I family small enough to still fit into a 4 door sedan. Perfect. Obviously we had not heard the quote, "if you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans." Because four years and two months later we brought Aria into the world. She came into this world just like Micah did and the experience was once again absolutley wonderful. A little more painful than I remembered from Micah, but still exactly the way I wanted it. And might I add that God apperently know what he is doing because she is such a perfect addition to our "not-so-little anymore" family. We could not imagine our family without her.

After Aria was born we had to get a minivan becasue we no longer could fit into a 4-door sedan. And can I just say, I love my minivan. I know that there are many people out there who do not like minivans but I love mine. Anyway, now here we are 4 years and 3 1/2 months later and we are waiting again for the new addition to our family. The waiting has been so much more difficult this time. Partly because Micah and Aria came the week before my due date and partly because the kids are very anxious for her to get here so they ask me everyday if she is going to coem out today. Even Michael has been somewhat impatient.

So today I rest in the shadow of the almighty and wait patiently for the Lord. Not an easy task, I must say.

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